Women’s Wellbeing programme continues

Another successful session for the Women’s Wellbeing programme. Charlie at Dress for Success explained the wide range of services they offer: so much more than a smart, free outfit to wear to your job interview. Thanks for organising the visit, Valeria Liaskovskaia.

Here are the impressions of Marina Kirk-Osman about today’s visit of the Rotorua Multicultural Council’s Women’s Wellbeing programme to Dress for Success:

“We had another educational session today at Dress for Success. I found its support for job seekers truly amazing. Every week is so interesting and educational. For the first time in my life of travelling and meeting different cultures I am getting to learn how much New Zealand has to offer – for free. Volunteers helping to build up community networks and supportive community groups.

“Dress for Success assists women and men by providing them, for free, with professional attire to help them to feel comfortable and good about themselves when going for job interviews. Dress for Success is an international charitable trust founded in 2012 by Kim Pears.

“Rotorua is a small town with an amazingly supportive community. Volunteers sort out the bags of donated clothes and hang them in a room where the job seekers are then guided to choose a dress or suit, shoes and accessories. They are even helped with their make-up.

“Clothes that are not formal enough for interviews go into another room and are sold at very reasonable prices.

“Dress for Success provide more than a dressing programme for interviews. They empower women to achieve economic independence and contribute to their personal development. They help with CV writing and online job hunting. They cannot guarantee that you will find a job but you will learn to market yourself.

“I would like to thank Charlie for his time, for the great work that Rotorua Dress for Success are doing and for helping us today to learn so much about this charitable trust. A great thank you to Valeria Liaskovskaia for arranging all these sessions for us. Thanks to Erika Raubenheimer who joined us today for telling us about the social work she does.

“I feel truly blessed to be part of this programme and thankful to live in this beautiful town with such a diversity of cultures, sharing and caring for each other.”