The Unfolding of Benjamin’s Misery Tour 2020 in Rotorua

Date of event: 13-02-2020
Time: 19:30

This is an award-winning tragicomic storytelling by a nomad artist, exploring dark truths of globalization from the perspective of the cultural other.

“His poetry is lovely and soul-baring, flirting with the edges of provocation.” -theatreview

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Benjamin is a storyteller.
What’s his story?
Of his most miserable night at a small entertainment venue where he was exploited as an undocumented migrant.
Poor Benjamin!
And what happened that night?
Nothing. Not yet.
Everybody was waiting, both Benjamin and the audience, very patiently,
not for Godot, but for Marebito the spoken word poet of the night,
except for the impatient Boss.
And like many other bosses, this guy was a total jerk.
So it seemed most natural for him to ‘kindly ask’ Benjamin to entertain the waiting audience impromptu with some ‘traditional Asian dance.’
Yes, Benjamin is Asian, but never was a performer and rather grew up with Hollywood.
But what ‘choices’ did he have?
It was only after Benjamin humiliated himself onstage that Marebito finally arrived.
Of course, Benjamin in distress could no way know in advance how this encounter would soon begin to unfold his misery and ultimately lead him to where he is today.
But what am I to say anymore?
I leave the rest to Benjamin himself to tell you because he is now the storyteller.
Hideto Ambiguous is a Japanese theatre-maker/performance poet whose artworks focus on narratives of the cultural others as he himself has spent past seven years living abroad in USA, Mexico, UK, China, and currently Aotearoa New Zealand.
He won Best Words and Ideas Award at Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019 (AUS) with “The Unfolding of Benjamin’s Misery.” The show is now on its North Island Tour 2020 (Wellington, Palmerston North, Napier, Rotorua, Hamilton, and Auckland).
He is also the winner of Liverpool Poetry Slam 2018 (UK).
His first poetry collection, “Foreigners in Me” will soon be published by Lastbench/Antivirus productions in Liverpool, UK.

*persons under 16 are advised to be accompanied by a parent and or guardian as this event includes mature content