Report on this week’s Women’s Wellbeing programme

Women’s Wellbeing programme

Thanks to Marina Kirk-Osman for her report on this week’s Women’s Wellbeing programme:

The Rotorua Multicultural Council’s Women’s Wellbeing Group’s tour to Ohinemutu Village on Wednesday was a beautiful educational one. On a hot, sunny day walking through the village and hot springs was no joke but worth every second; an educational step taken.

Our guide, Rawiri Te Kowhai, was great. He explained everything in such detail. How the name came about; how Maori came to settle in Rotorua; about their trade routes and what they traded; about the lady warriors and how the lake was formed.

My oh my, it was a head full to take in on one tour but very, very interesting. I must say New Zealand has a great and interesting history, from her people to their plantation, cultures and tribes.
We are so blessed to be here and learn new things everyday.

Many thanks to Valeria and Margriet for having this group as part of the Rotorua Multicultural Council’s programme. In our group there are ladies from Russia, Sweden, the Philippines, Brazil, Sri Lanka and South Africa – a beautiful group of ladies.