Women’s Wellbeing Programme

Having a list of financial members helps us when we apply for funding to run our many events for free and to pay for our operational expenses such as the wages of our small office team and the rent of our office at the Arts Village.

We have special benefits for our financial members. They are the first to know about and have the opportunity to participate in our events such as visits to cultural places, multicultural lunches, festivals, opportunities to volunteer and free courses such as the recent crochet course and the Professional Speaking for Migrants course.

The Rotorua Multicultural Council organises many events where new migrants and those who have lived in Rotorua for a long time can connect with people from all around the world. Every month we organise a Multicultural Lunch in the Rotorua Library, hosted by migrants from a different country, where you can taste a different cuisine and hear about the hosts’ country.

We participate in the traditional celebrations and festivals of many countries, and we will support you if you want to celebrate your home country’s special day. All these events bring people together and build multicultural relations and an awareness and understanding of each other’s cultures and traditions. Newcomers and residents have the chance to meet and share their cultural backgrounds, helping migrants to settle successfully.

One of the objectives of the Rotorua Multicultural Council is to help migrants to understand the special place of Maori in New Zealand society. We organise workshops on building relations with Maori and visits to marae to learn more about Maori customs and culture.

Annual membership fee is $15 for individuals, $30 for families and $60 for organisations.

If you would like to join RMC Members please contact our Administrator Leidy Monsalves or Executive Officer Yumiko Kawano.

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